Other variants

  • Double
  • Full print set
  • Double with photo
  • Sibling double
  • Full print set with photo
  • Sibling Full Print Set
  • Single
  • Single with photo
  • Family set 3 singles
  • Family set 3 doubles
  • Family set 4 singles
  • Family set 4 doubles

What is an Imprint

An Imprint is an original impression of a hand and foot skilfully taken into very soft clay.

Lovingly Crafted...

Our unique method of colouring and firing the original piece of clay highlights the distinctive detail in your child's print. Your imprint is the same piece of clay that your child touched. Ever Imprint is expertly mounted in a custom made box frame.


You can have Imprints made of any combination of hands and feet, including siblings on the same piece of clay and even the whole family. There is a choice of ten clay colours and five frames. You can have your favourite photo mounted alongside your Imprints.

Imprints are available through participating Mothercare branches

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